Puneet Mahajan Head, Applied Mechanics
Office R.No. 237, Block IV
Phone 2659 1201, 6419
Email hodam@admin.iitd.ac.in
Area of Interest
S.N. Singh Ph.D. (IITD) Professor
Office IV 232
Phone 2659 1180
Website http://am.iitd.ac.in/snsingh_cv.pdf
Email sns@am.iitd.ac.in, sidhnathsingh@hotmail.com
Specialization Fluid Mechanics and Solid Liquid Flow
Area of Interest Internal Flows: diffusers, combustors & pipe flow; Computational Fluid Dynamics of Internal Flows; Flow Instrumentation; Open Channel Flow.
Suhail Ahmad Ph.D. (IITD) Professor
Office Room No. IV 252
Phone 2659-1181
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~suhail
Email suhail@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Computational Mechanics
Area of Interest Structural Reliability, Structural Dynamics, Offshore Structures, Finite Element Applications.
Puneet Mahajan Ph.D. (Montana State) TRIPP Chair Professor
Office R.No. 250, Block IV
Phone 2659 1229, 98186 39545
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~mahajan
Email mahajan@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Solid Mechanics
Area of Interest Finite Element Methods, Composites and low velocity impact behavior, Snow mechanics.
S.V. Veeravalli Ph.D. (Cornell) Professor
Office R.No. 232, Block IV
Phone 2659 1182
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~
Email svrvalli@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics
Area of Interest Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Flows, Pollutant Dispersion, Stability Theory, Design Methodology of Dams.
Sanjeev Sanghi Ph.D. (City Univ.) MoUD Chair Professor
Office R.No. IV 241
Phone 2659 1230
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~sanghi
Email sanghi@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence
Area of Interest Numerical and Analytical Studies of Turbulent Flows, Chaos and Dynamical Systems, Finite Element Method (FEM), Educational Software, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition.
Santosh Kapuria Ph.D. (IITD) Professor (on Lien to CSIR-SERC)
Office R.No. 233, Block IV
Phone 2659 1218
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~kapuria
Email kapuria@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Solid Mechanics
Area of Interest Smart composite and sandwich structures, Functionally graded material (FGM) structures, Piezothermoelasticity, Active vibration control, Finite element method, offshore pipelines and structures, Pressure vessels.
Anupam Dewan Ph.D. (IISc Bangalore) R. C. Malhotra Chair Professor
Office R.No. III 237
Phone 2659 1217
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~adewan
Email adewan@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Renewable Energy
Area of Interest Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer, LES, RANS, Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes (PANS) approach, turbulent jet impingement heat transfer, turbulent plume, heat transfer over a square cylinder, heat transfer enhancement in microchannel, binary alloy solidification and solar distillation.
Rajesh Prasad Ph.D. (Cambridge) Professor
Office R.No. III 233
Phone 2659 1782
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~rajesh
Email rajesh@am.iitd.ac.in, rajesh.prasad.iitd@gmail.com
Specialization Physical Metallurgy
Area of Interest Physical metallurgy, heat treatment, phase transformation, metal foams, grannular mateials
B.P. Patel Ph.D. (MNNIT, Allahabad) Professor
Office R.No. 246, Block IV
Phone 2659 1232, 92132 27603
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~bppatel
Email bppatel@am.iitd.ac.in, badripatel@hotmail.com
Specialization Solid Mechanics
Area of Interest Finite Element Method, Plates & Shells, Composite Mechanics, Non-linear Dynamics, Post-buckling Analysis, Smart Structures, Continuum Damage Mechanics
Sriram Hegde Ph.D. (IITD) Sr. System Manager (SG)
Office R.No. 346, Block IV
Phone 2659 1231
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~hegde
Email hegde@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Computations
Area of Interest Computer Aided Design (CAD), Design Optimization , Hydrodynamic Stability and transition delay, Finite Element Applications, Heat Transfer.
M.K. Singha Ph.D. (IITKgp) Professor
Office R.No. IV 251
Phone 2659 6445
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~maloy
Email maloy@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Solid Mechanics
Area of Interest Stability, Dynamics and optimization of structures, Composite Structures.
Murali R. Cholemari Ph.D. (IISc Bangalore) Associate Professor
Office Room No. IV 248
Phone 2659-1177
Email murali@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics
Area of Interest Turbulent flows, Optical flow measurement, Applied fluid mechanics
Pradyumna S. Ph.D. (IITKgp) Associate Professor
Office R.No. IV 247
Phone 2659 1222
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~pradyum
Email pradyum@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Solid Mechanics
Area of Interest Structural Dynamics, Composite Structures, Functionally Graded Materials,Dynamic Stability
Sitikantha Roy Ph. D (Utah State) Associate Professor
Office IV-243
Phone 6259 1220
Website https://sites.google.com/view/sitilab-iitd/
Email sroy@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Solid Mechancs
Area of Interest Soft materials, mechanobiology, structural mechanics
Vikrant Tiwari Ph.D. (South Carolina) Assistant Professor
Office R.No. IV 256
Phone 2569 -7323
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~vikrant
Email tiwariv@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization High strain rate events, Product & System Design
Area of Interest Digital Image Correlation, Dynamic fracture mechanics, Material characterization, Renewable energy.
Sawan S. Sinha Ph.D. (Texas A&M) Associate Professor
Office IV 344
Phone 2659-1245
Website https://sites.google.com/view/sawanssinharesearchteaching/home
Email sawan@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics
Area of Interest Compressible turbulence: Theory and Modeling, Hypersonic Flows, Turbulence-Chemistry Interactions, Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes (PANS) Method, Boltzmann Equation-based Solvers
Jayant Jain Ph.D. (British Columbia) Associate Professor
Office III 236
Phone 2659-1246
Email jayantj@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Material science and engineering
Area of Interest Mechanical behaviour of materials, alloy design, microstructure-property relationship, microstructure manipulation, characterization of materials, phase transformations, texture and anisotropy of materials, thermo-mechanical processing, crystal plasticity simulations. Fatigue in materials, Nanoscale creep and fatigue, Nanoindentation, Nanomechanics, Fracture and failure analysis
Ajeet Kumar PhD (Cornell) Associate Professor
Office IV 342B
Phone 2659-1244
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~ajeetk
Email ajeetk@am.iitd.ac.in, ajeet3856@gmail.com
Specialization Mechanics of solids and nano-structures
Area of Interest Nonlinear elasticity theory of Rods, Plates and Shells; Stability and Bifurcation; Crystal elasticity; Computational materials science; Mechanics of helical nano-structures (carbon nanotubes, DNA, bio-molecules, etc.) ;Multi-objective optimization
Amitabh Bhattacharya Ph.D. (UIUC) Associate Professor
Office R.No. 234, Block III
Phone 2659 1249
Website https://sites.google.com/site/amitabhresearch/
Email bhattach@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics
Area of Interest Fluid Mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Multi-phase Flows, Turbulence
Arjun Sharma Ph.D.(Stanford) Assistant Professor
Office Room No. IV 351B
Phone 2659 6385
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~arjun
Email arjunsharma@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics
Area of Interest Compressible flows, Numerical simulations, Large-eddy simulation, turbulent flows and acoustics
Suresh Neelakantan Ph.D. (TU Delft) Assistant Professor
Office III 234
Phone +91 11 26591751
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~sureshn
Email sureshn@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Material Science and Engineering
Area of Interest Mechanical behaviour of advanced materials in bulk and porous forms, Materials characterization. Current interest in β Titanium alloys, TRIP steels & Ti-, Ni- and Fe- based: shape memory alloys, stochastic fibre networks and auxetic (i.e. negative Poisson’s ratio) materials/composites. Main focus on in-situ transformation effect on deformation behaviour and structure-property correlations in metallic materials.
Nitya Nand Gosvami Ph. D. (NUS, Singapore) Assistant Professor
Office III 235
Phone +91 11 26596414
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~ngosvami/
Email ngosvami@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Nanoscale Mechanics and Nano-tribology of Materials, Advanced Material Surface Characterization
Area of Interest Fundamental Mechanisms of Friction and Wear of Materials, Nanotribology of Engineering Materials and Industrial Lubricant Additives, Nanoscale In Situ Methods in Tribology, Surface Science & Engineering, Failure Analysis of Materials, Nanoscale Aspects of Corrosion of Materials, Development of Novel Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
Sushma Santapuri PhD (Ohio State) Assistant Professor
Office R.No. IV 234
Phone 2659-7393
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~ssantapuri/
Email ssantapuri@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Solid Mechanics
Area of Interest Mathematical modeling of functional/smart/advanced materials; Electrodynamics of continua; Asymptotic theories for smart composite structures; Thermodynamics of functional materials; Rod and plate theories; Multiferroic materials and their applications.
Arghya Samanta Ph.D. (UPMC) Assistant Professor
Office R.No. IV 336
Phone 2659 1271
Website http://am.iitd.ac.in/pdf/arghya_samanta.pdf
Email arghya@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics
Area of Interest Falling film instability, Twolayer channel flow, Flow transport through porous media.
Gaurav Singh PhD (Imperial College) Assistant Professor
Office IV 255
Phone 011 2659 1184
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~gsingh
Email gsingh[at]am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Solid Mechanics
Area of Interest Fracture Mechanics, Composites
Vamsi K. Chalamalla Ph.D, (UC San Diego) Assistant Professor
Office Room no. 236, Block III
Phone 2659 7976
Website https://sites.google.com/site/vkchalama/
Email vchalama@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Fluid Mechanics
Area of Interest Computational Fluid Dynamics, Ocean Modeling, Stratified Turbulence, Ocean Engineering
N.K. Gupta Ph.D. (IITD) INSA Distinguished Scientist
Office R.No. 134, Block IV
Phone 2659 1178, 98103 08867
Website http://am.iitd.ac.in/nkgupta.html
Email nkgupta@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Impact Mechanics
Area of Interest Large deformation of metals and composites at low, medium and high rates of loading.
Cdr. M. P. Mathew M. Tech.(IIT Kgp), DIIT (IITD) Adjunct Faculty
Office R.No. 354, Block IV
Phone 2659 1233
Website http://web.iitd.ac.in/~
Email mpmathew@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Warship Design
Area of Interest Naval architecture, ocean engineering
Lt Cdr K Vignesh Kumar M Tech.(IIT KGP, DIIT (IITD) Adjunct Faculty
Office R.No 352 Block IV
Phone 2659-7321
Email kvkumar@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
Area of Interest Marine Hydrodynamics, Warship Design, Aircraft Carriers.
Lt Cdr R V Shashank Shankar M.Tech (IIT Madras), DIIT (IIT Delhi) Adjunct Faculty
Office R.No. 355, Block IV
Phone 2659 6259
Email shashankrv[at]am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
Area of Interest Marine Hydrodynamics, AUV Design, Underwater Gliders
Lt Cdr D Venkata Aditya M.Tech (IIT Bombay), DIIT (IIT Delhi) Adjunct Faculty
Office R.No. 356, Block IV
Phone 2659 6239
Email dvenkat[at]am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization Corrosion Science & Technology
Area of Interest Marine Corrosion Management, Operational Management
Yunus Patel M.S (Cornell) Visiting Faculty
Office R.No. 232C, Block IV
Phone 2654 1182
Website http://home.iitk.ac.in/~
Email ypatel77223@gmail.com
Specialization Solid Mechanics
Area of Interest Product design, design engineering, manufacturing technology, workshop practice
Mohammad Reza Khalili PhD (IIT Delhi) Adjunct Faculty
Office Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Delhi
Phone +91 26591201
Website http://wp.kntu.ac.ir/khalili/
Email khalili[at]kntu.ac.ir
Specialization Applied Design
Area of Interest Advanced and Smart Materials and Structures

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