Material Science

Selected Recent and important Publications by our faculty members in the area can be found below .

For a more complete list of publications please visit individual faculty webpages.

  • S. Giribaskar, Gouthama and R. Prasad, “Dynamic Recrystallization in Al-Li based Alloy during ECAE”, Materials Science Forum, 715-716 (*2012*) 286-291
  • S. Giribaskar, Gouthama and R. Prasad, “Ultra-Fine Grained Al-SiC Metal Matrix Composite by Rotary Swaging Process”, Materials Science Forum, 702-703 (*2012*) 320-324
  • B. Basu, D. Tiwari, D. Kundu and Rajesh Prasad “Is Weibull Distribution the Most Appropriate Statistical Strength Distribution for Brittle Materials?”* **Ceramics International,* 35 (*2009*), 237-246.
  • B. Hutchinson, J. Jain, M. R. Barnett, “A minimum parameter approach to the crystal plasticity modelling”, Acta Materialia 60 (2012) 5391–5398.
  • J. Jain, W. J. Poole, C. W. Sinclair, “The deformation behavior of the magnesium alloy AZ80 at 77 and 293 K”, Materials Science and Engineering A, 547 (2012) 128–137.
  • . J. Jain, J. Zou, C. W. Sinclair, W. J. Poole, "Double tensile twinning in a Mg-8Al-0.5Zn alloy", Journal of Microscopy, 242 (2011) 26.
  • J. Jain, W. J. Poole, C. W. Sinclair, M. Gharghouri, "Reducing the tension-compression yield asymmetry in a Mg-8Al-0.5Zn alloy via precipitation", Scripta Materialia, 62 (2010): 301
  • .


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